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Cloud for Enterprises

Business Problem

As an expanding global enterprise, Parsons is expected to deliver IT systems to users and customers around the world. Project efficiencies and profitability are driven by the effectiveness of IT systems.

Parsons is trying improve user experience and standardize their IT platforms and system, while containing datacenter sprawl.

Proposed Solution

After the initial assessment and time spent working with the teams and stakeholders, Smartronix conducted a formal enterprise cloud readiness assessment, including business and infrastructure change guidance.

Following the initial engagement, Smartronix was contracted to deploy direct connect and build three interconnected VPC’s, the first housing core security and operations services, the second for Dev/Test and the third for Intranet Production. The objective of this architecture is to design an environment that scales easily meet Parsons’ unknown future requirements.

Upon completion, Smartronix worked with the customer to migrate domain services, operations and security services and their Intranet Portal (SharePoint) as the first use cases.

Customer Impact

After validating the cost benefits of the initial cloud migrations and the sustainability, flexibility and time to market, the customer created a strategic working group to identity and work with Smartronix to move more of their traditional business applications, customer facing SaaS applications, global datacenters and client facing systems into AWS.

The CxO team was skeptical that the first project would provide real value in the cloud. After the projects completed, they praised the project team and green lighted future cloud initiatives. The value proposed was met, and the customers where satisfied.

The global IT team is convening in February to workshop future migrations, including moving current RackSpace workloads into AWS.

Smartronix is providing Cloud Operations Management Services for the first year as tier 3 services to ensure that their support teams have the support to ensure success.

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