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DevOps in Life Sciences

Business Problem

An American multinational conglomerate with 80,000 employees and $30B in revenue offered several products via a SaaS / hosted solution. In 2014, a project to develop a big data analytics platform began, supporting what will become a significant amount of data. This data will provide immediate value to customers while producing a large data set that will support advanced analytics products moving forward.

Growth in storage and compute significantly ramped up in 2015 and the number of applications being deployed on this platform will continue to increase. Some applications may require many updates daily. The customer's levels of automation required to achieve controlled and rapid deployments were not sufficient, so they sought assistance to jump start the selection and build out of open source and/or commercial solutions to build the technical foundation to create a modern DevOps environment. Initially, the systems were deployed in a managed services environment at two hosting vendors leveraging different virtualization technologies.

The customer engaged Smartronix to assess their current process and environment and deliver a DevOps Strategy.

Proposed Solution

After the initial assessment and working closely with the customer's teams and stakeholders, Smartronix designed an implementation architecture to meet their DevOps goals. Smartronix also provided a DevOps Strategy to include: Process, Hosting Recommendation, Organization, Governance, Tools and implementation.

Smartronix proposed that the entire DevOps environment reside within AWS along with that two very large applications that are particularly well suited for AWS.

Smartronix proposed a pilot to prove that the customer could successfully migrate an application to AWS and meet all compliance and regulatory requirements while increasing efficiency, scalability and cost effectiveness.

Customer Impact

The customer is recognizing the value of AWS and is working closely with Smartronix on an AWS pilot to prove that AWS has a place within their organization. We have seen leaders of “Shadow IT? projects come forward and support the pilot as they have already experienced the benefits of AWS (secretly).

The customer and Smartronix are currently in the final stages of developing a Statement of Work where Smartronix will build the DevOps foundation. With the significant growth projected at their organinzation in 2015, they need to change the way manage the application lifecycle. Smartronix will develop the technology foundation required to provision/ scale the environment and achieve continuous delivery of applications and content. This will include automated deployments through promotion environments and ultimately to production.

The customer's security has reached out to Smartronix as it is pleased with the tools available in AWS and the AWS marketplace to help meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

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