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Mobile and Cloud for Sports

Business Problem

As the start of a new season quickly drew near, a major professional sports league was finalizing the significant updates to their new site that would be streaming live games and other content to millions of Verizon subscribers globally.

This created a significant increase in the infrastructure necessary to support the application as previous versions only served clips and other packaged content. One month before the first live game, Smartronix was engaged to help the customer build on AWS.

Proposed Solution

  • Design a highly scalable AWS based infrastructure to support the selected video streaming platform
  • Implement a multi-region NOSQL implementation on AWS and leverage an existing third party CDN
  • Consume AWS services including Enterprise Support, AutoScaling, SES, SNS, S3, Route53 to significantly increase the platform’s agility

Customer Impact

The most significant benefit of leveraging AWS for the customer has been the flexibility and elasticity of the AWS cloud platform. The customer was able to successfully reach a customer base that how grown 8x with a live services as opposed to canned content.

The environment can increase as much as 10x-15x its dormant size on any given game day, allowing the customer only to consume services as necessary and driving cost out of the infrastructure.

Smartronix is also the customer's reseller of AWS services as well as their strategic Managed Services provider delivering 24x7x365 Incident Response and Resolution, monitoring and alerting, backup, security, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance reporting services on their AWS environment.

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