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​​Smartronix FAST is an IT Transformational program that is designed to help you build a roadmap to your organizations IT future with the security, efficiency and reliability of your workloads running in the cloud environment right for you.

Smartronix Foundational AWS Strategic Transformation (FAST) methodology is a multi-phase process that will help your organization leverage cloud to its fullest potential. Education, assessment, envisioning, prioritization and engineering efforts flow together to create a high confidence, low risk strategy for evolving or migrating business applications, workloads, or your entire organization to cloud enabled services. Use a specific phase individually to overcome a roadblock in your cloud journey or taken collectively to begin the evolution, the FAST program is a proven methodology for Enterprise cloud migrations.



Delivered as a multiday workshop, FAST Phase 1 focuses on removing marketing buzzwords and hype and, instead, applying engineering discipline and standardized definitions to cloud terminology. We explore AWS’s service offerings, comparing and contrasting cloud services with on-prem solutions. Governance, security, and compliance are even more important in cloud than on-prem, and we discuss what you need and why you need it. With a refined understand of what cloud is (and is not), we can then frame the discussion for your organization’s needs and answer your questions: What do you want cloud to do for you? What is easy to move, and what is harder (or impossible) to move? What effect with cloud have on your IT department, your employees, your business, and your customers?



With an organizational "statement of objectives" for a cloud initiative, FAST Phase 2 begins laying the foundations for cloud adoption. If you have existing governance plans, security plans, role-based access taxonomies, monitoring, auditing, and incident response plans, then we help evolve those to support hybrid architectures and cloud. If you don’t have them yet, then we help you develop them. Working with your staff, we survey and document the physical, logical, and workload dimensions of your existing information technology and applications, and identify remediation items and actions for the ongoing cloud adoption process.



FAST Phase 3 integrates the application portfolio from FAST Phase 2 with an application migration decision framework to produce a roadmap for cloud adoption. The roadmap prioritizes workloads by your organization’s priorities (security, availability, cost) and current state (recent capital investments, imminent contract expirations, long term software licensing agreements, rate-of-change elasticity), and supports it with the security and governance plans to produce workload specific migration project plans and a general application migration methodology.



Nobody goes home on Friday with an on-prem environment and returns on Monday to an all-in cloud environment, but Smartronix can make it almost that easy. FAST Phase 4 takes the plans from FAST Phase 3 and implements them as a methodical, tested, coordinated, documented, and success-assured migration activity, workload by workload. Regardless of the migration path chosen for the workload – retire, retain, rehost, replatform, relicense, or refactor – the security and governance plans and disciplined execution of the plan ensures minimal disruption and maximum performance. 



Enjoy your new cloud-enabled workloads and business! You still have to monitor the environment, provide for the "care and feeding" of your operating systems and applications, support your user community, assure the availability of backups and plan for the unexpected. With a well-architected environment built in compliance with industry standards, provider best practices, and Smartronix’s expertise, you can do it yourself, or you can engage Cloud Assured’s Managed Services (CAMS) to do it for you.

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