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Security Services

​Sensitive data and detailed compliance requirements can be burdensome to an organization, but are routine for Smartronix. Our staff has the tools and the experience to perform root cause, forensics, and broad-spectrum analytics, even with (or especially with) cloud as the infrastructure. The cloud provider's capabilities and expertise, plus our capabilities and expertise, plus customizations to accommodate your needs and regulations means you can have top-to-bottom, end-to-end security services supporting almost any objective.

Incident Response Service

Smartronix’ Incident Response (IR) Service provides analysis, tracking, and corrective actions for issues impacting customer environments and infrastructure. Smartronix’ Cloud Assured team will support the incident response process through incident escalation, break/fix remediation of your cloud environment and guest operating systems, support of in-scope disaster recovery, system restore, instance isolation, and event information reporting related to the cloud environment and guest operating systems. The Cloud Assured IR capability can also be leveraged by customer application teams to help identify application-impacting problems related to the cloud environment or guest operating systems.

Enhanced Log Aggregation and Analysis Service

Smartronix’ Enhanced Log Aggregation and Analysis (ELAA) Service captures all events, logs, audit information and monitoring information provided by operating systems, platforms, networks, applications and infrastructure. Alerts are defined for key events within the environment to trigger further analysis or incident response.

ELAA extends the core Log Aggregation service by integrating search capabilities, counters, and proactive log review analysis. The Analysis capability enables the correlation of events by generating a process chain. For example, a web site health check failure can be linked to a john.doe login and a john.doe action of stopping the web service. The standard Log Aggregation event filter service will only identify the user logged on, the user stopped a service, or the web health check failed, but the causality link between events would be a manual process. The search capability also enhances the ability of the customer’s applications teams to quickly identify underlying system events linked to a service incident.

Security and Regulatory Compliance Advisory Service

Smartronix’ Security and Regulatory Compliance Advisor (SRCA) Service utilizes Global Intelligence for security and threat analytics to provide clients guidance in regulatory requirements and recommend mitigation of threats that have potential to impact client-specific environments as they appear and evolve. Email notification is provided the day of significant threats are surfaced in industry analyses.

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