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​Some environments can't be consistent with the core services baseline. Some customers want not just OS level support for their managed service provider, but support for key line-of-business workloads and custom applications. Advanced architectural recommendations, database management, web application and CDN management and more. Smartronix can provide custom support, tailored to your organization, extending the best-in-class Core Services tools and expertise to help you build, manage, and monitor every layer of your IT stack.

Infrastructure Advisory Service

Smartronix’ Infrastructure Advisory (IA) Services provides prescriptive guidance on cloud services optimization, including capacity management reviews, architectural reviews and best practices reviews, auto scaling tuning, and migration paths for on-premise workloads. These reviews leverage our Cloud Assured - Well Architected guidelines and ITSM process.

The Cloud Assured - Well Architected Review is a detailed analysis of your infrastructure, a thorough review of security practices, application integration architectures, and sizing of resources. This review enables Smartronix’ Cloud Assured team to ensure customers are leveraging cloud services in line with CSP best practices while delivering cost effective and secure service delivery.

Disaster Recovery Service

Smartronix’ Disaster Recovery (DR) Service defines a DR architecture and processes to provide full planning, annual testing and execution of a managed disaster recovery solution encompassing applications, systems, and environments. Our Cloud Assured team will work with you to ensure your Recovery Time Objective/Recovery Point Objective (RTO/RPO) are appropriate to your mission and to architect the solution to fulfill the requirements at the lowest cost.

Advanced Monitoring Service

Smartronix’ Advanced Monitoring (AM) Service provides deeper visibility into your entire environment. Using header tags, synthetic transactions, agent based heath tools, and state-of-the-art tools, processes, and best practices, the Smartronix Cloud Assured team will configure advanced monitoring to discover and optimize a comprehensive suite of availability and performance metrics.

Enhanced Data Encryption Service

Smartronix’ Enhanced Data Encryption (EDE) Service is a custom solution. Smartronix’ Cloud Assured team works with the customer to define a service architecture compliant with their regulatory or policy requirements, and then implements the architecture with encryption built-in. The CAMS team provides all support for encryption key management and rotation, encryption of volumes and data, and implementation and management of service encryption certificates. Areas of applicable support include:

  • Use of cloud or collocated hardware security modules
  • Database, disk volume, object store, and/or application level encryption
  • End-to-end security – data ingestion, data at rest, data in transit, import data in use, and data extraction
  • Certificate management for secure protocols (SSL, HTTPS, TLS, etc.)
  • Key lifecycle management (creation, deployment, expiration, rotation, invalidation)

Advanced Security Service

Smartronix’ Advanced Security (AS) Services is a custom solution. Our Cloud Assured team works with your security organization to implement layered, comprehensive protection against data loss, advanced identity management services, host based intrusion detection/intrusion prevention solutions (IDS/IPS), security assessments, security vulnerability scanning, and continuous security monitoring. AS Services is a foundational capability for creating high security enclaves in cloud environments.

Application Management Service

Smartronix’ Application Management (AM) Service delivers COTS and custom-built applications under the managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This includes monitoring, maintenance, backup and restore, configuration management, patching and security assessments, and is designed to meet specific availability and/or performance SLAs.

Database Management Service

Smartronix’ Database Management (DBM) Service is a full-lifecycle capability available for industry-leading database systems. This includes monitoring, maintenance, backup and restore, configuration management, patching and security assessments, and is designed to meet specific availability and/or performance SLAs.

Web Management and CDN Service

Smartronix’ Web Management and CDN (WMC) Service provides monitoring, availability, maintenance, security and configuration management for web applications and frameworks, including the operations and management of third party CDN services. We provide proactive security monitoring of the site distribution, availability monitoring, maintenance, configuration management, patching and security of the environment and applications. External availability and performance monitoring is also available.

DevOps and CI/CD Service

Smartronix’ DevOps and CI/CD (DC) Service is a highly configurable environment and is customized to customer needs. Smartronix’ Cloud Assured team DevOps specialists work with your development and operations teams to provide a turn-key CI/CD environment for your organization. Recommendations, deployment, and operation of orchestration tools, code repositories, testing suites, workflow management, service deployment, and automated scaling of environments is included.

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