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​Smartronix Cloud Assured Core Services is our best one-size-fits-all solution. With consistently architected environments that comply with industry best practices and organizational governance and security plans, we can deliver consistent, responsive, cost-effective solutions for routine activities like handling alerts, responding to incidents with cloud environments and operating systems, managing your antivirus and operating systems patches and updates. We can even help you lower your costs through basic efficiency adjustments to the environment.  The costs of staffing and enterprise tools is distributed across a larger base, making state of the art, 24x7x365 services far more affordable than you might think.

Monitoring and Notification Service

Smartronix’ customized services leverage the native services Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) to ensure events of interest trigger notifications to our support team. Typical triggers include high CPU utilization, failing or failed virtual disk volumes, unresponsive operating systems or disk space exhaustion. Events are aggregated and alerts are automatically generated, enabling our Cloud Assured Services team to proactively and rapidly mitigate potential service issues.

SLA Management Service

Smartronix’ Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management is tracked using our state of the art Cloud Assured Portal. As part of the reporting process, Smartronix provides your organization with monthly status reports of ITSM-related SLAs. These SLAs not only include standard Smartronix SLAs but may also contain custom or task-order SLAs designed specifically for your organization or project. These monthly SLA reports are designed to ensure service transparency by providing quality metrics throughout your experience. These metrics become the baseline for our ITSM Continuous Process Improvement methodology.

Incident Response Service

Smartronix’ Incident Response (IR) Service provides analysis, tracking, and corrective actions for issues impacting your cloud environments and infrastructure. Smartronix’ Cloud Assured team will support the incident response process through incident escalation, break/fix remediation of your cloud environment and guest operating systems, support of in-scope disaster recovery, system restore, instance isolation, and event information reporting related to the cloud environment and guest operating systems. The Cloud Assured IR capability can also be leveraged by your application teams to help identify application-impacting problems related to the cloud environment or guest operating systems.

Operating System Patch Management

Smartronix' Operating System Patch Management Service monitors the availability of and proactively applies operating system patches and updates through the use of a patch management life-cycle. Smartronix’ Cloud Assured team performs monthly patching of guest operating systems based on the vendor release schedule. Maintenance and patching windows are coordinated with you to ensure operations are not impacted by system patching. Customers also have the ability to opt-in or opt-out individual systems via the Cloud Assured portal or by contacting the Cloud Assured team.

Antivirus Management

Smartronix’ Antivirus (AV) Management Service protects your environment against malware by ensuring that the specified AV software is installed, up-to-date, active, and is running current malware signatures. When malware is detected, we proactively quarantine suspicious items and automatically create an incident ticket for remediation of the issue. Audits are performed to ensure individual server compliance with your AV policies. Customers can apply custom agent signatures through the Cloud Assured Service Now portal.

Boundary Management

Smartronix’ Boundary Management (BM) Service is a proactive monitoring and management service providing configuration management of cloud service provider components for networking, firewalls, virtual private networking (VPN), subnets, access control lists (ACLs), and virtual networks.

Our Cloud Assured team will manage and monitor boundary protection and cloud environment network operations to ensure a secure and highly-available environment for customer data and applications. Customer's using the BM service will note that it quickly identifies, mitigates, and implements network level changes in response to events or customer requests, including VPN tunnel configuration, firewall policy changes to ACLs, IP route configurations and more.

Log Aggregation Service

Smartronix’ Log Aggregation (LA) Service captures cloud service provider logs, guest OS logs and network logs. Alerts are generated for critical events and key performance indicators within the environment which then automatically trigger an operational response.

Using the LA Service and Smartronix’ change management process, our Cloud Assured team monitors the environment for possible security incidents and performs change management to ensure known critical events are identified and escalated. Events could include items such as root account login, failed logon attempts, cloud infrastructure configuration changes, instance termination and excessive CPU utilization. These event filters can be customized throughout an agreement term as patterns develop specific to the customer’s applications.

Backup Service

Smartronix’ Backup (BU) Services include system, configuration, environment and cloud services backup and restore. Backups are created and stored in the customer’s cloud environment and includes scheduled point in time disk volume snapshots to backup iterations of the storage volume. The service can be customized to retain backups for a customer-specified duration. Through the ITSM process, our Cloud Assured team can restore storage volumes to a customer-specified point-in-time. Prior to restoration of the requested volumes, a new snapshot will be captured to ensure a rollback is available if the restore is unsuccessful. Backup and restore testing is performed annually to ensure backup consistency.

Billing Advisory Service

Smartronix’ Billing Advisory (BA) Service provides proactive usage reviews and recommendations for optimization of cloud environments to lower your cloud costs and improve performance. Recommendations incorporate our extensive experience with cloud environments, familiarity with your organization's unique usage patterns and services, and our advanced tool sets’ ability to model future spend as a function of utilization and various purchase models offered by cloud service providers.

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